Tips For Setting Up Delivery Services For Restaurants!!

Before 2020 food delivery services were coming across as extremely powerful when it comes to food delivering businesses… and then there was an outburst of deadly coronavirus. Not to mention, delivery services for restaurants were already assumed to explode by 2020 and now according to in-depth research performed by market researchers- there will be a global market growth of over $40 billion by 2030.

Thusly, if your food business has made it through the lockdown and social distancing without food delivery services, then there is nothing better than starting the delivery services for restaurants now. On the off chance, if you have never used a delivery service before, we understand how overwhelming it can be. But, there is nothing to get worried about, as we are here to help you. Therefore, keep reading before incorporating delivery services for restaurants.

  1. Upgrade your POS system: The POS system is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to spreading your restaurant business. Not to mention, there are a couple of systems, but you need to ensure yours is dedicated to your business’s specific requirements. For instance, if you want to start food delivery, you need to have a POS system so that the deliveries can be managed. To your knowledge, there are plenty of routes your restaurant business can indulge in when starting delivery service for restaurants.
  • delivery options
  • online ordering
  • customer information
  • operation control
  • Check your kitchen line: This step is often overlooked when setting up a delivery service for a restaurant’s business. Not to be forgotten, not all kitchen line workers are truly capable of the rigors of delivery services. Therefore, before you kick start your delivery services, it is important to ensure your kitchen does. Tiny/small restaurants are expected to see more volume at specific times during the day annually. Having said that, however, more late-night or mid-night orders on events are great;it may mean making tweaks to your typical kitchen line. No denying- kitchen staff on the line require to haven the precise food service training and skills to keep the workflow streamline, efficient and productive.

  • Don’t forget the tips: Before you start your delivery service, do not forget to contemplate the tipping policy. Yes, it is very important. In some places, tipping your driver has become a custom; however, in an increasingly digital world, almost more than 60% of individuals/customers pay with a card and might make things extremely complicated by having to incorporate a tip to an already running check. In addition, having a staff leave for upward to an hour sometimes while on the clock will add huge labor costs. To get rid of this, lots of restaurants have fixed a minimum order amount before delivery has become an option. Moreover, some restaurants have also started to take a delivery service fee. 

These were three tips you can use for setting up delivery services. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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