5 Must-Have Things You Need to Include in Your Restaurant Website Design

No matter what business you run, having a business website is the need of the hour in today’s high-tech world. And when you are in a restaurant business, your online visibility becomes more crucial to drive foot traffic to your business through online searches and leads. According to Google, more than 90% of users search and locate a business online at least once before deciding where they want to lead to shop or dine.

With a strong online presence using a professional and feature-rich website, you can easily be ahead of your competitors in the neighborhood. A well-optimized restaurant’s website should be the company’s primary online presence. It serves as the go-to location for potential diners to learn more about your restaurant and services. At the same time, customers visit your restaurant’s website to learn more about offers, menu, online services, upcoming events and special occasions.

The primary goal of a restaurant website is bringing new customers to drive more conversions and provide better user experience. The most important aspect of a restaurant website design to effectively convey critical information with online users while enticing them to come over or order online. Here is a list of five things that every restaurant website design must have in order to convert online visitors into dining customers:

Optimize your contact page

The contact page of a restaurant’s website should be the single source of business information about the restaurant. Business address, phone number, and hours of operations should be prominently displayed on the contact page and homepage of your website. You want to make it as simple as possible for your potential diners and customers to find you, so don’t make them click around.

Spotlight your menu

Visitors to your website want to look at your restaurant’s menu quickly and easily before they decide what to order to where to eat. Your restaurant’s menus should be listed on the homepage of your website to let your visitors have a quick look without going on any other page. Also, make sure to use HTML to create and list your menus for easy searching on Google.

Optimize online ordering and customer services

Online ordering of the food is the latest trend in the restaurant business, especially after COVID-19 pandemic.

Optimize for mobile devices

Include high-quality and enticing images of your food and restaurant

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