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Take Control Of Your
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& Reduce Third-Party Fees

People have a strong connection with their local restaurants. They are a vital part of our communities. Unfortunately, they are struggling to survive.

Being online and providing delivery has become a must-have for restaurants, however, many owner-operated establishments do not have the time or resources to transition their business online. This situation has led to the widespread use of third-party ordering and delivery apps.

Outsourcing your digital presence and delivery to third parties comes at a high cost. You lose control of your brand, customer relationships and data, and profits.

At boons, our mission is to put owner-operators back in control and eliminate the reliance on third-party delivery marketplaces. We do this with a commission-free, first-party commerce and delivery platform. 

boons provides the digital tools to help level the playing field. Restaurants get a custom website, online ordering, on-demand delivery, and integrated marketing.

boons has become a trusted partner to restaurants. We help owners grow their online business so they can focus on what they do best: cooking great food and providing excellent customer service.

Our Team

Rajeev Garg
Founder and CEO

Rajeev is a seasoned entrepreneur and product leader. He has founded several companies, and achieved successful exits. He was formerly a product manager for Cisco WebEx and holds MSEE and MBA degrees.

boons team member

Lakshman Venugopalan
Head of Engineering

Lakshman is a technology industry veteran with over 18 years experience at Cisco working on WebEx and Google. He has led engineering for boon’s for the past 3 years.

boons team member

Chakra Ravichandran
Technology Architect

Chakra is the technical architect for boons. He has over 15 years experience in technology strategy and architecture roles with Apple, Cisco, Visa and Salesforce.

boons founder

Mike Fratesi
Head of Marketing

Mike has over 15 years of experience helping innovative organizations bring new products and categories to market. 

Our Journey flow
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Our Journey

boons releases a rideshare aggregator super app.


boons changes its focus to helping local retailers get online and offer on-demand delivery.

boons releases initial ordering and delivery solution for grocery markets and begins field trials with first customers.

boons launches online ordering and delivery for restaurants; in operation at first 10 restaurant customers.

boons releases website builder and integrated marketing solution updates. 

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