August 4, 2020Contactless Delivery

Consumer Brands Spearheads Contactless Delivery Task Force

Consumer Brands Spearheads Contactless Delivery Task Force This article first appeared in Transport Topics on July 9, 2020. A task force was launched that brings together manufacturers, supply chain partners and retailers to develop standards for reducing human contact when moving…

August 4, 2020Contactless Delivery

Restaurants Go Contactless to Brace Against Coronavirus: 4 Picks

Restaurants Go Contactless to Brace Against Coronavirus: 4 Picks This article appeared first in Yahoo Finance on July 1, 2020. Contactless delivery is becoming the new normal, be it for grocery, consumer goods or food. The coronavirus pandemic has changed…

August 4, 2020Contactless Delivery

Announcing the All-In-One Boons Marketplace

Announcing The All-In-One Boons Marketplace The Boons marketplace is expanding across the Bay Area and it makes deliveries super convenient. The new normal these days requires consumers and businesses to ensure safety and proper social distancing accommodations are available. With…

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